There is no doubt that Bhat Sikhs Commnity has made good progress in many fields, both  in India & abroad, especially in England.  Apart from this, the community has humbly but significantly contributed a lot in promoting  Sikhism, particularly in the United Kingdom, which is evident from the fact that Bhat Sikhs Sangat had over 30  Sikh temples/Gurduwaras in England. We would like to highlight the achievements of our community both through print & electronic media so as to project its  image as being a progressive and dynamic community.

Bhat Sikh Community, in India and the world over, had played significant role in promoting Khalsa Panth. Whether in India or elsewhere in the world, it has always taken a humble lead in promoting sikhism through establishing sikh gurduwaras.  In the United Kingdom itself, it was the Bhat Sikh Sangat, who had  the honour in the opening and upkeep of large number of Gurduwaras/Sikh temples.  It may not be out of place to mention here  that Bhat Sikh community’s elders accounts for in greater number in terms of taking best  care of SIKHI   REHAT MARYADA.  The observations of great Sikh Panth leaders like Panth Rattan Master Tara Singh, Sant Fateh Singh, to mention but a few, who on their visit to London, Bristol and Manchester, expressed  full satisfaction and  were for all praise of the invaluable   Services being rendered by Bhat Sikh community, to the PANTH KHALSA.

In India, even before partition, Bhat Sikh Community remained highly attached  with sikh panth services.It is worth mentioning here that in most of the sikh panth gurduwaras   largely in the villages, the members of Bhat Sikh Sangat, have been  serving as Granthis/Head granthis.  Besides, it has produced  a large number of Pathis, Kirtanias, Katha Wachaks, Parcharaks,Dhadi Jathas, etc. etc.

It is a matter of great pride and honour to mention the name of GYANI HARNAM SINGH JI (KHARAR WALE), who hardly needs any introduction.  He was one of the highly respected gursikh of the area.  He spent whole of his life in the services of Sikh Panth.  He served as Head Granthi of the historic GURDUWARA MANJI SAHIB, AMBALA  for a long time, where he breathed his last. Gyaniji also got the offer of serving as Head Granthiof Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib, but the entire sikh sangat of Gurduwara Manji sahib,requested Baba Harnam Singh ji,to remain there, in the larger interest ofGurbani and Sikhi Parchar.

When Gyani Harnam Singh Ji, who was respectfully addressed as” BABAJI”, breathed his last, hundreds of thousands of devotees  were present at the funeral, to pay their homage to the departed soul.

We have already published  the names of  dozons of  famous persons with their amazing success stories, both in India and  UK, so that their outstanding  achievements are known to the world.  Please  visit  “Success Stories ” pages of our website  and feel poud that these stalwats are from Bhat Sikh Community.