There has always been a great need for a Community magazine to educate, inform & entertain the Bhat Sikhs community as also for highlighting  the achievements of the community and for effectively countering any false propaganda/criticism levelled against it.  Above all, the community magazine is expected to build & project its image  as being a dynamic & progressive community. There is no doubt  that community magazine such as “SANGAT SAMACHAR”  published from Amritsar (India) in the past, had contributed well  in projecting  good image of our community for a long time. So we would like to express our deep gratitudes to great personalities such as late Dr. Harnam Singh Talib, Sardar Rattan Singh Shaad, Gyani Harnam Singh Quomi, Gyani  Makhan Singh Mirgind, to name but a few, for their laudable dedication and significant  contribution, relating to the welfare & concerns of Bhat Sikhs Community.

We  also express our thanks  to the good efforts made by publishers of some other

 magazines/newsletters, brought-out in England, from time to time, for the projection of better 

image and welfare of Bhat Sikh community.

We, however, are of the honest belief that inspite of good efforts made in the past, the need for a  community magazine of the desired  quality  and standard, continue to be a much sought-after  project of our community.

We therefore plan to bring out a magazine devoted exclusively to the  causes & concerns of Bhat Sikhs community. This magazine will be TRI-LINGUAL  i.e. Punjabi, Hindi & English languages to be published initially on quarterly intervals and later switch-over  to “monthly rests” on “no profit no loss basis”.

We also attach great importance to our slogan “Ask not  what community has done for you but what you have done for the community” for inculcating the spirits of active participation aimed at welfare of the Bhat Sikh Community.