We feel highly proud and inspired    of  great  men  and  women  of  Bhat  Sikh  Community,  who  had  made  the  community  proud  and   worked hard  for its continued progress in all fields of life.  Gyani  Rattan  Singh  “Shaad “, truely  fits  in  that  catagory.  Due  to    great  qualities, he  paved  the  way to make  our  community, really  a  dynamic  and  progressive. Born  on  July  17, 1914  at  Guwal  Mandi,  Lahore  (now  in  Pakistan), he  had  parents  having  religious  bent  of  mind  and  an  urge  for  community welfare  activities.  This  left  great  impact  on  the  children  in  the  family.   Shaad  Sahib  always   showed  keen  interest   in  the  social  and  community  welfare  activities and  had  many  plans  of  reformative  nature.  He  valued  most   the  need  of  education   and  always  wanted   the  community  men and  women,  to  accept  this  fact.  He had  a  great  passion  in  the  Punjabi  Literature  and  utilized  spare  time  in  reading  books  of  noted  writers.Shaad  Sahib qualified  Gyani  Examination  from  the  Punjab  University  and  had a deep  concern  for  the  chardikala  of  Bhat  Sikh Sangat.  He   was  a  borne  poet so  he  used  to  produce  poems  of  great  eminence.  It  may  not  be  out  of  place  to  mention  that  Shaad  Sahib  was  a man  with  strong  convictions  and  firm  determination.He  made  up  his  mind  towards  community  welfare  services  right  when  he  was  a   young  lad.  So  he  was all  set  to  utilize  his  energy  in  serving  the  best  interest of  our  community.He  was a  widely  travelled  man,  having  visited   Middle East, Eden,  France, Itlay  and  Germany.

It  was  in  the  year  1936,  he  arrived   in  the  United  Kingdom (UK) where he  decided  to  settle  down,  permanently.  During  that  period,  there  was  only  one  centre  name  Khalsa   Jatha  Bhupindra  Gurduwara  where  religious  and  social  activities  were performed.  He  took  great  interest  in  the  management  and  upkeep  of  the  said  Gurduwara,  which  turned out tobe   a well known  place  to  visit. He  was  made  the  President  of the said Gurduwara in recognition to his dedication to the GURU GHAR and for promoting all-round chardikala of the Bhat  Sikh Sangat. Shaad Sahib had inbuilt qualities of a great leader, a writer of great understandings, a poet and a noted journalist. He remained as the member of India League as also the proud convenor of Changa Bhatra Naujwan Sabha(UK).  Also served as the President of Bristol Indian Association including the Bristol ‘s Sikh Community Council. He played an important role in promoting the Mahankosh Andolan.  Last but not the least, he had served as the Editor and Chief Editor of various community magazines including SIKH SANDESH & SANGAT SAMACHAR.

Shaad Sahib also produced a book entitled “History of Krantik Lehar of Sangat Bhatra”, which continue to serve as a great reference book concerning Bhat Sikh Sangat.He had also to his credit a poetry collection namely “Vilkade Arman”. The community salute him for his invaluable contributions towards projection of good image of Bhat Sikh Sangat.