We  are  indeed  fortunate   in  having  many  great  men  and  women  in our  community, who  have  contributed  significantly  to  make  the  Bhat  Sikh  Sangat,  a  progressive  and  proud  community. Bapu  Sant  Singh  Pardesi,  as he was dearly and out of respect,mostly addressed to,had left no stone unturned to change the destiny of Bhat Sikh Community. Born  in 1899  at  village  DHARIWAL, Tehsil  NAREWAL  in  district SIALKOT,  now  in  Pakistan, he  had  parents namely  Mahant  Chetan Dass  and  Mata  Raj  Kaur. His  father  and  grandfather, had  good  social  status  in  and  around  Dhariwal  village  in  addition  to a  sound financial  position. Sant Singh Pardesi    was  lucky  enough  to  have  such  a healthy  atmosphere  during  his  childhood.  He  was  always  seen  taking  good  interest in  all  important  social  and  religious  activities. He  had  great  faith  in God  and  regularly  visited  Gurduwara  Sahib, for  listening  Kirtan  and  Gurbani. In  addition,  he also   took  active  interest   in  attending  other  functions such  as  PANTHAK MEETS  ,  SOCIAL REFORM  based get-together functions,etc. He stayed and worked there in England  and returned to his  native village where he started taking on hand his further plans to complete his mission.

It  may  be  worth mentioning  here  that  Pardesi  Sahib  was  the  first  person,  out  of  Dhariwal  Sangat, who  had  visited  United  Kingdom.  He  then prepared  a group  of  18  persons, mostly  close  relatives  and  friends,  from Dhariwal  village, ready  to  visit  England  for  better  living .It  needs  great  courage  and  sacrifice  to  promote financial  position  of  the  community. So in  order  to  complete  his  mission,  he made  all  expenses  needed  for  the  visit  of  the  said  group,  out  of  his  personal pocket. It  was  just  the  start. He  continued  to  perform  one  activity  or the  other, to  make  Khalsa   Panth   and  Bhat  Sikh  Sangat, proud. In  fact, the  whole  family  was  rendering  valuable  services  to  the  community,  in one  way  or the  other.  His  brothers  :  Patel  Sahib,  Sardar  Singh,  Hazara  Singh “Sathi”, who  hardly  need  any  introduction, commands great respect of  Bhat Sangat  for  their  laudable  community  welfare  activities. Pardesi  Sahib  was  not  only  a beloved  Bapu  of  Bhat  Sikh  Sangat but was  also  very  popular  amongst  the  national  and  international  leaders  such  as  Pt.  Nehru,  the  Prime  Minister of India, Dr.  Krishna  Menon, Panth  Rattan  Master  Tara  Singh,  Sant  Fateh  Singh,  to  mention  but  a  few. Pardesi  Sahib  was  instrumental  in  making  best  legal efforts  to  save  Sardar  Udham  Singh  Azad, from  death  sentence,  but  unfortunately, he  did  not  succeed. Out  of  great  regard,  the  turban  of  Shaeed  Udham  Singh Azad, was  handed  over  to  Pardesi  Sahib,  which  is  still  a proud  possession  of  the  family. Bapu  Sant  Singh  Pardesi served  Bhupindra  Dharamshala  (Gurduwara )  for a long  time.  He played  a pivotal  role  in establishing  first Sikh  Gurduwara  Sahib, in Manchester.  With  the  untiring  help  of  other  trustees, he  used  to  visit  many  cities  in  UK  to  collect  funds  so  that construction  work relating to Gurduwara premises,  could  be  completed. At  the  family  front, we  may  mention  here  that  his sons namely S/shri Baikunth Singh Hamdard, Karnail Singh Pardesi, Barjinder Pal Singh and Sukhdev Singh, also made  the  entire  Bhat  Sikh  Sangat  proud  due  to  their  valuable  contributions, to solve  many  vital  issues  of  our  community. Last  but  not  the least,   Dr.  Harnam  Singh  Talib, a  well known  name  in  our   community, who was the son-in-law of  Bapu Pardesi  Sahib, always kept him in the highest esteem and treated Pardesi Sahib as his real mentor and spirtual Guru.

Bhat Sikhs Sangat salute the invaluable services of Bapu Sant Singh Pardesi and would always follow spirit with which he had served the Community.