There is no need to say, Dr. Talib lives in the hearts of thousands of millions of Bhat Sikh Community for a long time. During his life time, he worked very hard, not to earn more money but to reduce the hurdles coming in the way of good and progressive image of our community. Suffice it is to say, he made significant contribution in sorting out very challenging problems, our community was confronted with.

Born at Nain Wali Bhaler in Layalpur district, now in Pakistan, he remained under the good influence of his father Sant Attar Singh “Vaidraj” who was a Mahant of a very famous Gurduwara Nirmal Attari in Patti NANKANASAHIB. His ancesstral village, however, was Dadian in Tehsil Narowal. Unfortunately, he lost his mother when he was of a very small age. His Nanaji and Mamma Ji, therefore, were entrusted with the responsibility of taking all care to ensure good education for him and his brothers. So Dr. Talib spent his childhood at Manawala in district Shekhupura.

Right since his childhood, Dr. Talib was very intelligent and far sighted. He always had active participation in all such debates aimed at understanding basic issues our community was then facing. He had great mind to serve the community and kept himself updated in terms of concerns and welfare of the community.

After Matriculation followed by Gyani Examination, he was all set to find ways and means to project the right image of the community. His father was a noted Vaid so he had the benefit of good knowledge on account of this. He then had formal Medical Education from Amritsar, so that he could start his medical practice. For sometime, he also served as a Medical Officer in Hariduwar but left the job in order to give his best attention to the burning issues of Bhat Sikh Sangat.

It was in the year 1935 when Guru Nanak Naujwan Sabha was formed of which he was made Genl. Secretary. It was indeed a good thought to infuse a sense of unity and good understanding between the community belonging to different areas/villages.

Married in 1938 with Bibi Vidya Wanti, daughter of the great legend Bapu Sant Singh Pardesi. It is worth mentioning here that their marriage set out a daring trend. While the marriage was in progress, it was customary to take Bedi Phere but Dr. Talib refused to do so on the plea that it was against Gur Mariyada. Bapu Sant Singh Pardesi, father of Bibi Vidya Wanti, also supported the move and insisted on following the Anand Karaj Phere around Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is how the marriage took place, to the delights of all relatives and family friends.

Dr. Talib was then invited to visit UK in 1938 and was instrumental in the formation of Chnaga BHATRA Naujwan Sabha, London. In 1940′ he came back to India with prominent leaders of the community, like Shaad Sahib, Sagar Sahib, Hamdard Sahib. Sarabh Hind BHATRA Union also came into being, and was got registered which in due course proved very successful in sorting out some of the burning issues of the community.

Dr. Talib had great vision and many inbuilt qualities in him. He knew so well the importance of a good Magazine for the community so he brought the production of Sangat SAMACHAR, from Patiala to Amritsar, for better reasons. He made good efforts to generate awareness through the Magazine so that our core issues were raised & addressed to. He worked very hard to ensure that our young generation bring the required change in their attitude and come forward to solve the core issues our Sangat was confronted with. Despite great opposition and adverse circumstances, he carried out his mission successfully. He made significant efforts to the success of the MAHANKOSH ANDOLAN, which was a historic victory for the Bhat Sikh Community. He was never after false praise and positions but served the community from the core of his heart,and indeed emerged as the Massiha of poor and needy persons. He was also a well known and an admired personality among the prominent persons both in Literary and political circles.

As a Doctor, he served the poor and needy with all humanity in mind and never bothered about his charges/fees. So much so, he use to give free medicines and even money, to the needy patients visiting his Clinic.

Unfortunately, he died in 1971, when he was just a little over 50 years of age, which undoubtedly resulted in big loss to the Bhat Sikh Community as also to the family. However, despite bad health and huge hurdles, he worked day and night to ensure better image of the community.

We salute Dr. Talib for his great services to the Bhat Sikh Community, in projecting its better name and progressive image.


He took over family business whilist still in his teens, becoming a millionair at the age of 21 and multi-millionair by the age of 25.Sukhi Wahiwala humbly credits his parents as his proud Teachers and Mentors.He was groomed in busness by his father, a Phenomenally Successful Entrepreneaur, who ensured that a privileged background would not provide a shortcut to his son learning business at grass roots level. From getting up at five in the morning to load a Van for the warehouse, putting in a full day’s mannual labour, to apply himself to his studies; Sukhi was taught the discipline of hard work on every level. A solid grounding that invariably shaped a refreshingly Modest Multi-Millionair whose down to earth qualities and exceptional inter-personal skills, drove a busness empire that had grown into a formidable dynasty.

With an extensive property portfolio and commissioning single developmens of over 23 properties alongwith his other diverse business; internet onlinee-tailing business, retail outlets, importing, manufacturing and retirement homes, make up just a few of Sukhi’s multiple business and experiences, all of which he has tranformed into stunningly Successful Business Ventures, by rapidly establishing himself as on of the Top Achievers in his chosen sectors.Earning a reputation as the Man with the Midas Touch & Vision, he was riding high when disaster struck with his health in 2006 at the tender age of 31 yeas old. Two days after returning from a family holiday, Sukhi collapsed contracting Hepatitis A. Despite being a strict non-drinker, his condition dramatically deterioared with the onset of liver failure, bringing him perilousy close to death. It took over eleven months of intensive medication and rehablitation away from his business, both physically and in mind before he was recovered enough to be able to pick up the reins of his business once again.

Whilist still equipped with the amazing business acumen, he became aware that something had changed No longer feeling the same fulflment or satisfaction he previously felt, taking a Business from Zero to a Multi Million Pound Turnover, Sukhi reassessed his life and sense of purpose. He also learned the valuable lesson : you have to build a business around a Team and not make yourself the Key Player. Some of his Business ventures suffered a loss during his illness and unpredicted absence.His father had always told him “Son, always try to work with people who have lost money themselves, as they will value money correctly.” Following his return he folded two Companies and re-establised them. During a twelve month transition period, he put in place a highly Skilled Management Team to ensure he could work bot in the business and also out of the business without being reliant on as the Key Man.

Experiencing his first ever financial business loss and cash flow challenges, taught Sukhi the importance of building a business around a team, giving him the knowledge and experience to recover Companies.By freeing up his time, Sukhi was also to pursue an overwhelming purpose and desire to inspire and create change on every level, and helping other people by Coaching & Mentoring individuals and Companies to success and prosperity.As with every other venture,he succeeded at break-neck Speed, establishing himself as a premier coach and must have invitation only Business Consultant.

After a short period in his new sector of personal and business develpment, he has aready been recognised
The UK’s Award Wining “Small Business Coach of the Year 2011.” by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants. He has earned the reputation of being a tenacious trouble-shooter. Gemma Danniel of www.LIFEUK financial.com Ltd asid of Sikhi ” Hiring Sukhi is like bringing a guided missile into your business; he has an unbelieable knack of being on target identifying a problem, locking-onto it, then eliminating it with amazing knowledge.” Whilist his no nonsense approach to busiess is not for the faint hearted, his suggested shake-ups and restructuring, has rescued numerous Companies that have experienced a down turn, and got them back on track

As a firm believer in : THINK GLOBALLY – ACT LOCALLY, Sukhi provideds an invaluale cotributon to his local community, actively compaignig to change people’s lives for the better, tackling issues such as homelessness, better resources for adult education, equipping people with essential skills in numeracy and literacy. Sukhi business motto is : Sukhi makes business SIMPLE,the SIMPLE being an acronym for what he brings to business.



Born in 1936 at village Gwala Mandi, Lahore, now in Pakistan, he is proud to be the eldest son of Gyani Harnam Singh Kaumi, a well known name in the Bhat Sikh Community. He is equally proud to have  uncles such as GYANI RATTAN SINGH SHAAD,and  A.S. AMRIT,who needs hadly any introduction.

He is so happy to claim that his family was the first  to arrive in UK. His father bought a house in the year 1935, located in the white Chapple Road, East London. However, due to WWII, his father had to sent back his family,to India, for safety reasons. When the War ended up, his father and uncles R.S. Shaad & A.S.Amrit returned, leaving in their new house in Canal Park, Sangat Pura, Lahore.

In 1947, due to Partition of India, his mother alongwith a group of other families, had no option but to leave their house and migrate to Bikaner (Rajasthan), where they lived  as refugees, for several months. They infact lived in the  CAMPS, in a small room for nearly 6 months. It was here that his father came back to take  the family back to UK.It may be mentioned here that his father KAUMI SAHIB also helped a lot in getting the documents such as Passports, etc. prepred for such members  of our community,who opted to go to UK for better living.

In 1948, when he was  only 11 years of age,  he reached UK second time. His father rented a thatched cottage,  which had  electricity but no Gas. He feels very happy to remember that happiest momentwhich came in the family when his younger brother was born. It was indeed a cause for great celebrations, so his father organised a big party by inviting many close friends and relatives, in order to express his happiness. The young Jaswant stopped going to  Primary school as he had then completed 9 years of his age. In his school, he was the lone black Asian boy. Later,he was  admitted to  a Secondary School at Chhatris.

Later, on the good advice of his uncle Shaad Sahib,his father shifted his family to  London. There, his father bought a 4-storey house for £500.  He finished his schooling at the  age of 14 years. It was at this point of time when he thought it better to help his father in his line of business. His father always liked Cardiff so he  was looking for some opportunity to take his business over there. So gradually,  the family shifted to Cardiff for better business prospectus. In 1956, with the active cooperation of the local community members, his father was able to establish a Bhat Sikh Sangat Gurdwara, which was second in  Cardiff, first being at Manchester.

His father with active help of his sons, set up a Grocery shop, which turned out as a profitable venture, in short time.  He  still remember that for the supply of 70lb wheat flour, used for making chapattis, he use to visit Birmingham for the purpose, that brought big smiles on the faces of Indian and Pakistani families, in comparasion to 3lb allison brown flour.

It was always in his mind to diversify his business activities. So he decided to join some college for learning TV reparing skill. For this purpose, he joined a part time college for doing a TV engineering course, which he successfully completed. He became the FIRST ASIAN AND SIKH, to pass an engineering course and soon got the job to work as BENCH ENGINEER, in a reputed TV repairing company.

JAS SAHIB remained under the influence of his father line of thinking so he natrually had great attachment with the community. He also had great mind to serve the society at large as also Bhat Sikh Sangat. So he decided to work in a Community Centre. For this purpose, he received proper training  from the University, to become a social worker. He is proud to say that he was the FIRST ASIAN AND SIKH,to become a SOCIAL WORKER in Wales. It was during this period that he was  selected to receive MBE by her Majesty, the Queen. He was the first Bhat Sikh to have such  honour.

He is a widely reavelled  and a well informed person. He had great memories of his visit to Washington and New York and love to recall his encounter with persons with different experiences and amazing background. He consider the most happiest moment in his life when he received the good news of a birth of a  SON. He is very happy that Waheguru had given him such a loving family members.

Jas ji, indeed  is a multifaceted personality. He has made significant contributions  for the welfare and good image of our community. He really is a God fearing person and takes keen interest in generating good spirits amongst the community. He was elected as the first Presiident of a National Bhatras Organisation, in Great Britain. He was instrumental in collecting funds for the  victams of 84 Blue Star operation , in Delhi and elsewhere. He is proud to be a first Sikh to become COUNCILLOR for the city of Cardiff in the year 2008. Yet another proud moment in his life was when he bacame the DEPUTY LORD MAYOR of the City and County of Cardiff.

Although Jaswant Singh Jas retired at the age of 60 years,  he continue to serve as the Governor of the Primary & Secondary schools, taking active interest in their activities. Already met all the members of the Hon’ble  Queen family. The County Council provided him a seven seater Mini Bus to collect his MBE  from the Queen, from Buckingham Palace..

With the blessings of Waheguru, he had recently celebrated his 80th birth day  in May this year,with great pump and show. WE ALSO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO WISH HIM HAPPY BIRTH DAY, WITH BEST WISHES FOR HIS GOOD HEALTH AND LOT OF CONTENTMENTS IN LIFE.


We have now a good number of men and women, who had excelled in various fields of life and busness word. This indeed has made the  whole community, very proud. Sardar Gurmeet Singh, who has retired as a Sub Division Officer (SDO), recently from  the  Govt. service, is indeed  a PROUD ACHIEVER.

Born on 10th July, 1955, he had a great passion for higher studies and left no stone unturned to reach his goal. After finishing his schooling, he developed  good interest in the Engineering studies, and made up his mind to  join a professional college for this purpose. With a strong will and clear mind set, he got admission in one of the highly reputed Engineering College, namely Thapper College of Engineering, Patiala, for a degree course  in  CIVIL ENGINEERING. He passed the degree course successfully and started looking for some good job.  Soon he got the job and started working as JUNIOR ENGINEER (JE). Due to  hardworking nature, he earned good reputation and appreciations from his superiors. Gradually he got further promotion  as  SDO and performed his duties , efficiently and with full dedication.

At the family front, he is happily married and have two children : a son and a daughter. His son has followed the footsteps of his father and has done B.TECH (ECE) and is persuing higher studies. His daughter is a  Commerce Graduate and feel proud of her parents. And yes, his wife is not lagging behind. She too is a  M.A., B.ED and manages her own school, successfully.

We are sure, our younger generation will receive good inspiration from  this proud family. We wish Sardar Gurmeet Singh, a very happy and contented retired life.



We have great pleasure to highlight  the proud achievement of a brilliant woman of our community namely RAMI KAUR BHATTI,of Peterborough, England (UK), who qualified final examinations of the ASSOCIATION OF CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS (ACCA). She was awarded a Certificate of Commemoration at a  prestigious GRADUATION CEREMONY, held in Birmingham National Motorcycle Museum. David Leonard, the ACCA INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT, congratulated RAMI KAUR BHATTI, on her proud success.
Congrats Rami Kaur Bhatti, for making the community proud with your achievement.


There are certain personalities in the Bhat Sikh Sangat, who have made all of us proud with their outstanding achievements and invaluable services. Sardar Ajit Singh Sagar, M.A. LLB, a senior Advocate, is decidedly  one of them. He was a multi-faceted personality and emerged as a “MASSIHYA” for the poor and needy members of our community.

Born on 2nd of April, 1938, he was fortunate of having all the comforts, in his childhood. His father Sardar Mohkam Singh Alam, was a noted figure, who was a well known  Palmist in the Princely States. Ajit Singh had all the facilities at his disposal, for pursuing a career of his choice. After finishing his schooling, he opted for legal studies, to become a LAWYER, as to him, it was the best profession to serve the society. He successfully completed the Law Degree and  started legal practice in Jaipur. Within short time, he became one of the most famous Advocate in the area. During this period, he had many opportunities to interact with our community members and know their basic problems.

He was a noted criminal lawyer. Besides, he also became very popular due to his love for the community.  He will always help the poor and needy members of even other communities. He took keen interest in social work and remained a prominent member of BJP. He also served as MC  for a long time and earned good reputation as a dedicated social worker. He was equally famous for his love for the community and played significant role in the success of MAHANKOSH ANDOLAN. In addition, he always wished  to boost the image of our community and worked hard for the unity and good image of the community. Unfortunately, his untimely demised put the community at a great loss. May his soul rest in peace.



It was a pleasure meeting and chating with Sardar Karnail Singh Pardesi, on various subjects, relating to BHAT SIKH COMMUNITY. Based on that conversation, we give below the gist of that interview, for the information of our readers : 

Pardesi Sahib was for all praise for the rapid strides made by the Community, in all  fields of life, be that business, education, religion, social service, etc. etc. But this should not make us complacement, he adds. We need to have clear conception and always do self introspection.  This will enable us to know  where we failed and what were the reasons thereto.  We must not ignore the great work done by our old generation rather, learn from their hard work and invaluable services. There is no doubt that they handled successfully many significant but difficult tasks, despite many hurdles. We need to be rather proud of what they had achieved during their times.

It is heartening to note that our community is now becoming  well informed and is alive to their duties towards  the community. We need to join hands to build up  a progressive outlook and dynamic approach, towards bright future and good image. Unfortunately, we continue to  havei no common and organised Platform, for inter-actions and exchange of ideas. Add to it, absence of a quality Community Magazine, is another major handicap, that need to be paid urgent attention.  The kind of community magazine we had such as SANGAT SAMACHAR, ETC ETC. have played good role in creating awareness and education  among the community members, but unfortunately, we  really are in great need of a quality magazine to cater to the needs of our community. It will be sooner, the better, for the whole community.

As elders we need to educate our children about our culture  including the great works done by our elders.What we do at home is largely followed by our children. So we need to set good examoples at home and generate a feeling of community love and attachment.Pardesi Sahib  expressed his happiness that  the younger generation was doing very well and have already excelled in various fields. Our best wishes for their bright future and family happiness. Last but not the least, he appreciated all those who had made the community proud by their excellent performances. God bless.



It is always  a great pleasure when we meet a person, who is with great vision, focussed mind and  clear concept. His achievements  shows his strong will and positive attitude in his life. Hats off to such persons.

Yes, we are going to speak about a legend  and well known and talked about person namely Dr. Pritam Singh Snehi, .M.B.B.S, MD, who has retired  as a Colonel in the Indian Army.

Right since his childhood, he showed keen interest in preparing a career in medical line. After schooling, he decided to join MBBS course in the SMS Medical College, Jaipur. After passing the degree, he decided to serve the country by joining Indian Army. So he finally got selected in the Army and eventually remained active in WARS held in 1965, 66-68 & 1970. He remained  posted in the Military Hospital, Jallandur.  In 1978-80, he did his MD from the Govt. Medical College, Patiala.

Commanded Military Hospital, Patiala in 1980-81 and thereafter he was posted as Lt Colonel at LEH from 1981 to 1983. While posted in Pune, he served as Professor in Pune University for nearly a decade.

He became a FULL FLEDGED COLONEL in the year 1991, which to him was the most happiest  and proud moment in his life. Col Snehi then had the great privilege  of serving  as Senior Advisor.  In 1996, he retired as Colonel from the Indian Army. After retirement, he is having his medical practice as CONSULTANT (SKIN, , LEPROSY), in Ludhiana (Punjab).

Col. (Dr.) Snehi has seen many ups and down in life. He is thankful to his grand father, his role model, for inculcating  a sense of self confidence and strong will towards reaching his dream career.

He has great love for the community and is happy about the progress made by the community over the years. H like to counsel our young generation to have clear concept and go in for good career opportunities, with all seriousness. They should aim at becoming IAS/IPS officers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, etc.  and always have positive attitude in life. Only then, success will be theirs.

We salute Col. Snehi, for making the Bhat Sikh Community proud, with his outstanding achievements.




Isn’t it  unfortunate  when we forget our ELDERS  who have set good and worth remembering examples of themselves having made our community proud  with their outstanding contributions. It is rather shocking when their own children do practically nothing to promote and carry forward  the names  and invaluable services rendered by their ELDERS. But then,those who loved the community and did  their best to promote its name and image,will  always remain in the hearts of thousands of millions of community men and women.Such persons value humanity and remain unaffected by the wordly pleasures. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Aziz, Head Priest, Manchester (UK) was indeed  such a great name, in the Bhat Sikh Sangat.

Born in November 1924 at village Glotian Kalan, Daska (Sialkot), he showed keen interest in understanding well about the basic problems our community was confronted with and remained in constant touch with  most learned and experienced key members of the community. He was always helpful in terms of finding good solution to their problems. He  devoted most  of his time in learning  Sikh history and about the great sacrifices of the Guru Sahbans namely Shree Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji and the 10th Guru, Shree Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This made him have a religious bent of mind. He was very found of Punjabi Literature and read many prominent authors namely Nanak Singh, Gurbaksh Preetlari, Prof. Mohan Singh, to name but a few.

As a result of Partition, his family left their native village and setttled down in Patiala (Punjab). It was very difficult to look after well the family for want of adequate income sources. So he was left with no option but to work very hard, to ensure good education to his children and happiness in the family. He used to leave in the early hours to visit many villages for his business line and return home in the late evening hours.

Inspite of difficult time, he always took it as the Will of the God and never regretted in life. He was a great learner so developed good taste in the poetry.  He also remained actively associated with the community magazine “SANGAT SAMACHAR,published from Amritsar and also acted as its REPORTER. Due to hardworking nature, he gradually had good business income and now  looked after the family and children better.

“Nak Nath Khasm Hath, Kirat Dhakey De”,  Accordigly, in the year 1965, he  had a chance of visiting Manchester, to serve as Granthi. Within  a short time, he established himself as the most respected and sought after priest of the area.  With good knowledge about Gurbani, he earned good reputation and became a respectable Sikh Priest in the city of Manchester. His pleasing personality as a SABAT SOORAT KHALSA’ remains a great attraction for him.
In Manchester, he remains under the great influences of Bapu Sant Singh Pardesi, Gyani Sunder Singh Sagar,, Bhai Mehar Singh, Gyani Gorkha Singh Aaraf, Sewa Singh Himmat, to mention but a few. He emerged as an indispesable Khalsa, as and when any important occasion of Khalsa Panth was organised. He was also famous for organising well , all the historic and main events, held in and around Manchester. As a High Priest, he served for a long period and earned all praises from the local Sangat and Management Committees. He had a great passion for poetry and produced his first book of poems, entitled “JIWAN LEHRAN”. His services as a REPORTER OF SANGAT SAMACHAR,for a longtime, speaks well about his love for the welfare and concerns of Bhat Sikh Community.

Singh Sahib, Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Aziz, was truely a Gursikh who spent most of his life, in the best interest of  Sikh religion and rendered with all devotion, Guru Ghar Sewa. The significant role played by him, in the promotion of Sikhi Jiwan and in boosting the good name and image of Bhat Sikh Community, will be remembered  for ever.



We may not be having a large number of such persons who firmely believed in the wisdom of “dassan noaan di krat kar, cheet niranjan naal”. It is indeed of great importance to know how we earn money and how we spend it. When we earn money through fair means, we have no fear whatsoever of loosing it, rather we find it multiplied, beyond our expectations. It is largely for the fact that once you develop complete faith in the Allmighty God, Waheguru,you feel  always HIS image in you and are prepared to live your life according to the RAZA (WISHES) of Waheguru. Sardar Darshan Singh Landa, a  noted figure, both in the business  and social circles, in Nottingham, was admittedly such personality, who made the entire community, very proud with his significant achievements.

Born in village Glotian (now in Pakistan), he was under the great influence of his father – Sardar Sant Singh Landa. Right from his childhood, Sardar Darshan Singh Landa, had a religious bent of mind and took great interest in learning about the lives and great sacrifices of Sikh Guru Sehbaans. Besides, he had great business ability, a focussed mind and a strong sense of self confidence.

After division of India, they shifted to Gobindgarh (Punjab)  and re-established business line, with all dedication and renewed energies. No doubt, he had a in-built qualities of a successful business man, with great faith in WAHEGURU BLESSINGS. In 1965, he decided to visit England, for better business opportunities, based on his strong will and ability in his line of business. Like any new arrival, seeking business opportunities, he has to put in great efforts and lot of hard work, to find some good and profitable business venture. Very soon, he set up a good business over there  and give full credit to  the blessings of Waheguru. When he felt quite comfortable in his business line , he decided to call rest of his family members to join him in Nottingham. Accordingly, his family arrived  in Nottingham in April, 1966.

While Sardar Darshan Singh Landa proved himself as one of the most successful business man in Nottingham, he never failed  to  promote sikhism, in one way or the other. His position in his line of business in the whole city of Nottingham, made the Bhat Sikh Community, very proud. It may be mentioned here  that Landa Sahib has become a great business personality of the area and are well known entity in the name of DSL GROUP LIMITED , which is a proud possession of  DARSHAN SINGH LANDA & HIS FAMILY.

Landa Sahib and his family also earned good reputation  in  establishing a beautiful  GURDWARA BABA BUDHA SAHIB JI, in Nottingham. He remained  President of this Gurduwara sahib, for a long time. The Managing Committe of this Gurduwara Sahib, have done very well in promoting basic principles of SIKHISM and have successfully organised many important events connected with Sikh Religion.

Sardar Darshan Singh Landa played a most successfull inning during his life time, both in the business circle and religious and social platforms, as also in  the welfare and enhancing the image of our community. In 2005, he died to prove “GURMUKH JANAM SWAAR, DARGE CHALIYA”. It is nice to know that his family had done exceedingly well in further promoting their business venture, started by LANDA SAHIB.



It is heartening to note that Bhat Sikh Community has made rapid strides in various important fields, both in India and abroad. Today, we have  leading business men, eminent writers, historians, scholars, engineers, doctors, Army Officers, Bankers, noted Katha wachaks/Kirtanyes, etc. to name but  a few. This fact indeed has made the whole community very proud. Advocate Bhupinder Singh Jawahar of Ludhiana, is  one such proud ACHIEVER, who has boosted the name and image of  of our community.

He is a Post Graduate  with a professional degre in Law. In the year 1978, he enrolled with the Bar Association of Punjab & Haryana , Chandigarh, as an Advocate, for practicing Law in the District Courts, Ludhiana.Due to his hard working nature, he soon  established himself  as a successful Lawyer in the area.He earned good reputation due to his good hold on the Civil Laws. He is in the approved list of many Public Sector Banks/Private Banks, such as SBI, SBOP, PNB, SBM and Axix Bank. This reflect well on his capability as a successful Lawyer.

Right since his childhood, he showed keen interest  in his studies as well as matters relating to the welfare and concerns of the Bhat Sikh Sangat. He inherited good qualities from his parents  and close relatives, to understand well the need of community services  and extending helping hand to the needy and poor members of the society.Despite his busy schedule as an Advocate, he finds time to work in many ways to sort out important issues, brought to his notice.

With his inbuilt leadership qualities, he held the post of Genl. Secy of the Youth Congress, during 1975-76. He also remained  as the COURT AUCTIONEER of the Debt Recovery Tribunal, Jaipur. Besides, he takes good care of various social and religious activities/events organised by our community, from time to time. He also served as President  of Gurdwara Baba Sri Chand Sahib- BHAT SINGH SABHA (REGD.),Ludhiana.  A God fearing person, he has huge love and attachment with the community and always wish to boost the name and good image of our community at par with other progressive communities.

We are proud of Advocate Jawahar Sahib for making the community proud with his laudable achievements.



It is a well know fact that Baba Gurmukh Singh “Nihang”, was a perfect blend of Guru Ki Ladly Fauj and a great well wisher and image builder of our community. During his life time, he earned  great reputation  on account of his invaluable services towards the promotion of Sikh religion. He was truly  a Nihang Singh, a dedicatted Guru Ka Sikh and a torch bearer and leader of our community.

Born on April 13, 1885 at village DASKA in district Sialkot (now in Pakistan, he remained under  good influence of his parents, especially his father BABA MEHTAB SINGH JI,who was  treated as a highly respected personality in the area. With a great religious and social bent of mind, he took great interest in learning the lives of Guru Sahbaans and those who laid down their lives for the sake of Khalsa Panth.

Baba Gurmukh Singh had his early education from  well known learned men of the area and expressed desire for further studies. Right since his childhood, he had strong will and great courage to face any situation. He always followed Gurmaryada and pursuaded others to follow that. Gurmukh Singh then started preparing for Gyani degree examination and successfully qualified it.

Before Partition, Gyani Gurmukh Singh, had the honour of opening three Historic Gurdwaras namely i) Nanak Sar in Sialkot ii)Meetha Reetha in Pillibhit(UP), and iii) Gurduwara ±Jangirana at Gidderwa Mandi.  He also set up a   ” Gurduwara Baba Shree Chand at Mushtak Ganj in Ludhiana. This indicates towards his real love and devotion in promoting sikh religion.

Gyani Gurmukh Singh, who was popularly known and addressed as  BABA NIHANG SINGH JI, was a multifaceted person, who was a noted KATHA WACHAK, PARCHARAK AND A  WELL KNOWN  KIRTANIYA. He was also a noted Nihang Singh with great love for the Khalsa Panth and Gur Maryada. He also had great attachment with the Bhat Sikh Sangat and work hard to boost its image and name in the society.

Baba Gurmukh Singh had a great attraction towards research work and writings. He took great interest in the production of SANGAT RASALA, published from Layalpur. BHAT PARKASH GRANTH, produced by him is the most valuable gift to our comunity, which serve as a SEARCH LIGHT, to the orgin of Bhat Sikh community. Baba Gurmukh Singh proved a great asset to our community, with his invaluable and significant contributions and services.

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction that Baba Ji’s children and grand children, have contributed well to carry on the good work done by Baba Ji  and are helping the community by one way or the other, in reducing concerns of poor and needy members. They have also done well in boosting the name and image of Bhat Sikh Sangat. Dr. Jagat Singh Bains, a beloved son of Babaji, is a well known name who hardly need any introduction. MEHTAB FULWARI is a book on the life ad works of Baba Gurmukh Singh ji, written by Dr. Jagat Singh Bains, which serve as a great referal book in terms of tracing out the orgin of Bhat Sikh Sangat.

Our best tributes to Baba Gurmukh Singh “Nihang Singh”, for his invaluable services to the Khalsa Panth and the Bhat Sikh Community.



Gone are the days when  we had only a very small number of such persons who excelled in all walks of life. Only a hanful section of our community had the privilege of receiving higher education or high profile positions. But now, we have  a large number of such brothers and sisters from our community, who had excelled in business, education, civil services, Army services, social and religious service etc.. We indeed are proud of their achievements and thank them for making the community proud.

We are  highlighting below one such ACHIEVER, SUB. MAJOR JAGDISH SINGH.who has boosted the name and image of our community :-

Born at RAMNAGAR in NANITAL (UTTRAKHAND), he had a happy and comfortable childhood, thanks to his parents who spared nothing to ensure that their children did well in their life. Right since his childhood he took keen interest in his studies and was all set to complete his dreams. Once we have clear concept, there is no doubt that we  finally reach our goal.

Jagdish  had a great passion for higher studies. He completed Commerce Graduation with good marks , followed by B.Ed and Master degree of M.com. He is a Gursikh with pleasing personality and always think about the good and progressive image of Bhat Sikh Sangat. He was drawn towards serving the motherland so he decided to join Indian Army. During his Army services, he had the opportunity of being posted at very difficult cenres, of which he is proud of. He served in the EDUCATION CORPS  OF THE INDIAN ARMY. and feels proud  of his humble services to the Nation. He retired as Sub Major and is having very happy family life.

He too has taken full interest to provide good education to his children. He has two sons and one daughter, who are all set to follow the footsteps of his father. The eldest son has already done B.Pharma and is pursuing higher studies, while the younger son is doing Engineering. His daughter is also doing M.Sc. in Agriculture.

We are proud of your achievements, Sub Maj Jagdish and wish you a very happy and contented retired life.